Did you know that The son of the Rolling Stone’s founder got engaged to….

Sometimes it’s hard to get a grip on family drama and the tangled relationships between relatives. And when the family is under media scrutiny things get even worse.


Take Bill Wyman’s story for example. Back in 1962 he formed the notorious Rolling Stones, and soon his every single move was recorded by the media. His scandalous relationship with Mandy Smith was caused outrage as the two started dating when Smith was only 13 years old, while Wyman was a 47 year old father of one. Even though the two of them married after Smith turned 18, their family’s relationships became even more messed up. While Smith and Wyman were still married, Bill’s son from his first marriage, Stephen Paul Wyman, got romantically involved with… his stepmother’s mom! Stephen was 31 years old when he married his dad’s mother-in-law, Patsy Smith, who was 49 at the time.

Talk about having a messed up family!



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