Did you know that The sun’s core is so hot that a piece of it the size of a pinhead would give off enough heat to kill a person…

The core of the Sun is so hot, that a pinhead-sized piece of it can kill people from a distance of 99 miles.

The center of the Sun is said to have a temperature of 15.6 million Kelvins, and an the surface “cools down” to 5780 Kelvins, which is about 9944.3° F, and then unexpectedly rises to 10,000 Kelvins at the corona of the Chromosphere.

The Solar core is the hottest part of the Sun and extends to a 25% of the solar radius from the center of the Sun.
The density of the Solar core is calculated to be 150 times more than water’s density, and is made of a dense hot gas in a plasmic state.

It is the Solar core, which produces nearly 99% of the Sun’s heat and fusion power.
According to astronomers and scientists, once the core runs out of its hydrogen fuel it will contract, and the Sun will turn into an old red star. Eventually, the core will cool down and turn into a “white dwarf” and then disappear as a “black dwarf”.

No worries, this is not expected to happen in the next several billions of years.



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