Did You Know That There Is A Fish That Causes Hallucinations When Eaten And…

If you want to experience hallucinations, you should go to a Mediterranean restaurant and order Sarpa salpa, a species of bream. Then, you will surely get hallucinations which will be strong and will last long. And everything is legal.
The fish Sarpa salpa or Salema porgy (as it is commonly known) is fish which was widely consumed as a recreational drug in the Roman Empire. Currently, it is also known for causing hallucinations.


The golden stripes of the Sarpa salpa’s body are its most distinctive feature. The fish could be found near the coasts of Tenerife, Cyprus, South Africa, and Malta. But it has also been seen occasionally near the coasts of Great Britain.
Its hallucinogenic effects were reported in 2006 when two men ordered and subsequently, ate the fish at a Mediterranean restaurant. The men started having hallucinations only minutes after they ate Sarpa salpa. The hallucinations lasted for 36 hours and were described by both of them as frightening. They experienced many visual and auditory side effects from eating the ‘spoiled’ fish.

The hallucinogenic effects which Sarpa salpa causes are believed to be triggered by the food that it eats – particular algae and phytoplankton.



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