Did you know that there is a video on which Justin Bieber is playing the guitar solo of a famous Metallica song with his voice…

Recently a backstage video of the teen pop sensation leaked on the Internet. The short clip shows that Bieber is playing the air guitar and is humming the melody to Metallica’s iconic ballad Fade To Black, trying to reproduce the guitar solo with his voice.

Fans of the metal band immediately repined at the video saying that Bieber is just dissing and mocking one of the world’s most popular bands of all time. Trying to figure out why metalheads hate Bieber isn’t exactly rocket science. However, the pop singer told the media last year that he’s a huge fan of the band and that One and Fade To Black are one of his favorite songs. Furthermore, the members of the band have also expressed their point of view. Speaking ironically or from the bottom of their hearts, the acclaimed musicians stated that they are supporters of the pop singer. Wait, what?
Yes, you read it right. James Hetfield, one of the co-founders of the heavy metal band told the media he and his buddies were “Beliebers” – the term, which fans of Justin Bieber use when they speak of themselves as a mass.



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