Did you know that there is a woman who married a giant Ferries wheel ca…

True love comes in many forms and some of them are extremely strange, to say the least. In this case a woman from US married the love of her life, which apparently turns out to be a Ferris wheel.

More than 3 decades ago, during the distant 1982, Linda Ducharme fell in love with Bruce. It had been love from first sight and it had been amazing. The problem, however, has never been the fact that Bruce is a huge, steel Ferris wheel, but that Linda had to say goodbye after Bruce was knocked out of commission. After being separated from the love of her life for whole 25 years, Linda finally met Bruce again and married the ride last year. Earlier this year in Florida Linda renewed her vows with the wheel, and told the press that her dream was to grow old with Bruce.
And if that’s not shocking enough, Linda has already been in love with an airplane and a train locomotive. However, it looks like Bruce is the true love of her life.



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