Did you know that there is mysterious triangular ‘spaceship’ that has been spotted on…

Up until now the human race thought aliens wanted to invade the planet Earth. However, it turns out they could be just as likely be aiming for the Moon, the Earth’s only natural satellite.

Rumors are circling around the Internet stating that aliens have invaded the Moon, after a Google maps image was brought to the attention of UFO believers all around the world. The satellite photograph shows a blurry image of a strange triangular object, which can be spotted among numerous craters. The unusual object’s shape includes 7 light dots, which form a perfect 90 degree right angle along the object’s edge. People have speculated over the object’s origin and the common conclusion is that it’s an alien spaceship. The mysterious object could also be a human Moon base, but seems quite a bit larger than any aircraft ever built on Earth.

According to some speculation, the image is a fake. Others state it could be just a strangely shaped crater, although its unusual shape doesn’t recall the shape of any other naturally-occurring features found on Earth or on the Moon.



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