Did you know that this amazing 2D Rubens’ Tube Visualizes Sound With a ….

Back in the early 1900s the German scientist Heinrich Rubens made a name for himself among thousands of nerds worldwide thanks to his invention. Rubens created a tube that visualized sound with fire. His amazing tube produced fire effects similar to the digital tables every computer produces when a variety of notes is played on it.

Nowadays a team of Danish chemists and physicists have created an improved version of the good old Ruben’s tube. The team of scientists has built up a plane surface instead of a cylindrical tube, which has 2,500 mini holes. When the gas in the device is lit up and an amplifier is attached to the creation, fire starts shooting from the holes. As the notes change the flames dance around and form a variety of shapes over the surface of the device, turning into a captivating and breath-taking spectacle of fire.

Derek Muller from YouTube’s Veritasium team has covered the story. Veritasium uploaded the footage on the 17th of April and nowadays it has reached more than 2.6 million views!



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