Did you know that This burglar decided to do some cooking in the


When burglars break into homes, shops or other types of private properties, they usually do it to steal something. This guy, however, decided to practice his culinary skills.

Image Source: Rehoboth Beach Police/Getty Images
Image Source: Rehoboth Beach Police/Getty Images

According to official reports, a man identified as Stephen L. Quinn broke into the award winning restaurant Planet X Café in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, US, on the 31st of July this year. Somebody tipped off the local police about an alleged burglar that was seen breaking into the restaurant. When the law enforcement officers arrived at the Planet X Café, they saw Quinn, who was making himself some crab cake. The 41 year old man had brought stolen alcohol with him and was obviously preparing to have a decent meal with the stolen booze and the cake. The reports state that he tried to make a run for it, but the cops eventually got him.
He was charged for a number of crimes, one of which was burglary.


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