Did you know that this gorilla saved the life of….

Binti Jua is one of the most famous gorillas in the world. She’s a life savior and a huge attraction at the Brookfield Zoo, in Brookfield, Illinois. Binti was born in 1988 and was raised entirely by humans. The western lowland gorilla was trained to care for an infant. Part of her training included bringing her child to personnel for examinations.
In 1996, when Binti was just 8 years old a 3 year old boy fell into her enclosure, hitting the concrete floor of her zoo enclosure after he climbed the wall. The 18 feet fall left him unconscious with a fractured arm and large gash on one side of his face. While helpless spectators were screaming around the enclosure, the gorilla walked to the boy and consoled him, while keeping the other gorillas at bay, growling and hurling at them. She kept the little boy safe until zoo personnel were able to retrieve him.

After the accident the boy was carried to a hospital, where he spent 4 days and was able to fully recover.



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