Did you know that this incredible video footage captures a Mustang driving down a road on…

Earlier this April an Internet user uploaded a short video to YouTube showing a crazy Mustang driver in action. The video already has hundreds of thousands of views.

The driver of the red Ford Mustang seems completely unaware of the fact that his/her car is missing its front left tire as the vehicle speeds down a busy freeway in Houston, Texas. Some people speculate that the driver was just trying to perform a crazy and extremely dangerous stunt. Others believe the car could be stolen. There’s no way to know what exactly the driver was thinking at that moment.
The 14-second long video footage was recorded by one of the baffled witnesses on the road, who were stunned by the sparks and smoke accompanying the red Mustang. The fates of the car and the driver remain just as much a mystery as the driver’s identity.



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