Did you know that this man left his wife a fake bomb in the kitchen after she…

Married couples tend to argue more often than others. But why end an argument with flowers and a box of chocolates since putting a fake bomb in the kitchen will result as a news sensation?

source: Indian River County Sheriff's Office

source: Indian River County Sheriff’s Office

Randolph Troy Smith, a 51 year old man from Vero Beach, Florida, was in a process of divorcing his wife, when they got into an argument. It probably wasn’t their first one, but it surely was a memorable one. After their wrangle, Randolph decided to “cheer up” his wife by leaving her an unpleasant surprise. Mrs. Smith found a strangely looking pipe on the kitchen counter with a creepy note from her husband, saying that the pipe was a bomb. The terrified woman called emergency services and a bomb squad was sent to the address shortly after. It turned out the bomb wasn’t a real bomb – it was only a fuse jack with wire sticking from it.

Police officers found the carefree Randolph about an hour later near a Burger King restaurant in Vero Beach. He was thrown in jail with a $11,000 bond.



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