Did you know that this man predicted the 1993 bombings and 2001 attacks of the….

Cyril Richard “Rick” Rescorla joined the World Trade Center in 1985 to work for Dean Witter Reynolds, which later merged with Morgan Stanley in 1997.
Rick was a retired US Army officer and he was so dedicated to his new job that he took measurements for his co-workers’ safety by training World Trade Center employees in emergency basis. Not only that, he also wrote a letter to the government, concerning the fact that the building’s foundation and basement should be secured with thicker walls and more guards, predicting that it would be open to potential attack. Of course, it resulted only in the executive’s resentment towards Rescorla, who predicted the 1993 bombings and the 2001 attack.

When the disastrous events began, he ignored the Port Authority’s instructions to not evacuate, and lead the evacuation, saving all but seven of Morgan Stanley’s 2,687 employees. He died at age of 62 in the towers while leading people out of the debris.

His biography “Heart Of A Soldier” written by James B. Stewart was described as the “best non-fiction book of 2002” by Time Magazine.



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