Did you know that This Pro Surfer is riding waves while on…


Check out Jamie O’Brien’s latest stunt. The pro surfer rode the waves while literally being lit on fire!

Image Source: GoPro/YOUTUBE
Image Source: GoPro/YOUTUBE

O’Brien was born in Hawaii in 1983 and he became interested in surfing from an extremely young age. As he was growing up he took part in a number of competitions, including the notorious Billabong Pipeline Masters competition. In 2004 he became one of the youngest winners of the Pipeline Masters at the age of 21.

Ever since then he has made many TV appearances and even starred in the Universal Pictures’ Blue Crush. Nowadays he’s starring in his own show on YouTube – Who is J.O.B. – which is being sponsored and produced by the energy drink giant RedBull. Who is J.O.B. is currently running its 5th season and one of O’Brien’s latest stunts was to surf on fire.


The 32 year old professional surfer’s wet suit gets turned into a fireball just before he sets on to ride a huge wave. The surfer’s back is literally lit up on fire by his crew members right before he jumps on his board and plunges himself into a fantastic barrel trick. The fire on Jamie’s suit gets distinguished by the water pretty soon by the wave, but Jamie manages to get out of the barrel intact. The surfer stated that this extraordinary stunt was actually suggested by one of his Instagram fans and by the looks of it, the 32 year old thrill seeker found it interesting enough to try it out.

You can watch Jamie’s stunt shot by a GoPro camera on YouTube. The magical collision of fire and water is definitely spectacular and the surfer’s performance has been viewed more than 193,000 ever since it was uploaded on the 11th of August on GoPro’s official YouTube channel.


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