Did You Know That Throughout The Entire Twilight Saga, There Are Over…

Over the years, the media buzz about Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga has raged out of control. Audiences either love it or hate it, with very few people remaining indifferent towards it. And the rumpus shows no signs of finally quietening down, despite the last of the films being almost a year old.


I recently came across a video, which clearly shows over 24 minutes of the Twilight’s cast just staring at each other throughout the entire four films. That’s right. Staring. Intense, speechless, deadly serious staring. I don’t have an explanation for this phenomenon, except the producer’s wish to make the movies more intense and dramatic. Whether they succeeded is a matter of opinion. And of course, with this being Twilight, it’s safe to say no opinion will be neutral on the subject.
Some fans claim that the excessive staring (even the deer do it!) is because the books include so many dramatic moments which render the characters speechless, and the producers wanted to keep the movies as close to the books as possible. I don’t know the real reason behind the staring, but this video shows that there’s definitely too much.



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