Did you know that triangle UFO was over MAss on …

Are you tired of hearing that miracles happen over Christmas? Prepare yourselves for one more, because a short video footage claims that four UFOs have visited the skies above Massachusetts!

An unnamed YouTube user, who has been uploading videos about UFOs and aliens claims he/she has seen 4 alien aircrafts on the 19th of December this year. The short video footage, which the user has uploaded on YouTube, indeed shows four strange flickering objects in the sky. During the 36 seconds video they flicker and shine, changing colors fast. Three of them are flickering in a perfect triangle, while the forth is floating near them. The user states that the UFOs have disappeared softly, while still flickering and shrinking to a smaller size until they have vanished completely.
Do you believe this YouTube user? Were this really aliens, which have visited Earth for some holiday shopping? Or are you convinced this is a fraud with some glowing lanterns?



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