Did you know that When Christopher Reeve nervously waited for his first correction surgery…

In 1995 Reeve was thrown off a horse in an equestrian competition. He remained in wheelchair for the rest of his life and required breathing apparatus. A few days after the accident the doctors found out he had destroyed his first and second cervical vertebrae.

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Reeve thought he had a fifty-fifty chance of surviving his surgery, and was understandably terrified. A doctor entered the room, dressed in a yellow surgical gown, a blue scrub hat and glasses, and told Reeve in a Russian accent that he was a proctologist and that he was going to perform a rectal exam on him. The so called doctor was none other than Robin Williams himself, portraying his character from “Nine Months”. Reeve himself wrote that he laughed for the very first time since the accident.

Christopher Reeve died from a heart attack in 2004 years after his operation was performed by Dr. John A. Jane.



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