Did You Know That When McDonald’s Introduced drive-throughs to China, the concept…

McDonald’s is a brand everyone recognizes even if they are not a fan of the chain. It is even claimed that McDonald’s famous golden ‘M’ logo is even more associated with the brand than the cross symbol is with Jesus Christ. With few exceptions, most McDonald’s restaurants have been widely successful. However, one of their ventures – the drive-through – led to a funny result in China. As the concept of the drive-through restaurant was very unpopular in China at that time, what Chinese people would do is drive to the restaurant, order their food while still in the car and then park and get inside the restaurant to eat it. Although McDonald’s drive-through restaurants have been on the Chinese market for years, customers still tend to do that. McDonalds’ management has figured that the company has to have about 13,000 restaurants in China in order to fulfill customers’ needs.




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