Did you know that you can hire an evil clown to stalk your kid a week….

I came across an article about this “evil” clown Dominic Deville, whose work involves more than just entertaining kids. He’s being hired by parents to stalk the birthday kid for a whole week before their actual birthday. He sends creepy text messages, makes prank phone calls and even sets traps in letterboxes. This birthday clown tells children they are being watched and that they may encounter an attack soon.

evil clown


But the main purpose behind his scary behaviour is to surprise the children when they least expect him and to throw a cake in their face. If the child manages to dodge the “attack”, they will get the cake for their birthday as a present. Imagine how terrifying the week before your birthday would be, if somebody decides to hire Dominic Deville as a surprise!

Of course, Dominic will back off any time, if the child gets too scared. It looks like parents these days are keen on terrifying their children, although they don’t like the idea of child therapy.



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