Did you know that Discovery Channel’s reality show “Amish Mafia” is an elaborate….

The controversy reality show called Amish Mafia, which originally aired on Discovery Channel in December 2012, has made tons of people ask the same question – is it real?

Image Source:  Discovery

Image Source: Discovery

The show follows the lives and struggles of an Amish community living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, US. The series portray a group of allegedly Amish men and women, who drive vehicles, wield guns, fight for power and so on. As it turns out, none of it is real. Although the producers claim that some of the characters haven’t been baptized and are acting against the Church’s beliefs, research from 2014 shows that none of the characters are actually real. Some of them are paid actors; others are simply talent managers working in the movie industry. The real people behind the characters don’t even live in Lancaster, let alone live in an Amish community. They get paid per episode and look like average men and women when they’re not dressed in traditional Amish clothing and when they’re not filming the reality show.
According to the research, which was posted on Lancaster Online’s website, the only real thing about Amish Mafia is the fact that it’s being filmed in Lancaster County.



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