Dwayne Johnson Dressed As Miley Cyrus For Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards

Dwayne Johnson, ‘the Rock’, got dressed as Miley Cyrus for an event in 2009. The Rock was hosting the 22nd annual Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards when he showed up in a mini orange dress, identical to the one Miley was wearing, and a wig. Cyrus, who used to look like a Disney princess back then, was presented with the ‘Best Female Singer’ award.

The crowd burst out laughing when presenter Marlon Wayons made a comment about Dwayne’s “wardrobe malfunctions” referring to Rock’s attempt to position the tiny dress on himself. It was the Rock’s turn to laugh when Wayons asked him if he was wearing a thong underneath the orange dress but the answer remained unclear. However, that was probably the funniest the Rock has ever looked!

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The Rock actually did that, because all the kid fans wanted him to do it just for fun. As we have stated before The Rock doesn’t really care about money and things like that. He just want his fans to be happy and this is the reason why he got dressed like that.

Here is some background information about The Rock:

  • He made his debut in 1996
  • He started as a WWE wrestler and his stage name was Rocky Maivia
  • Johnson’s debut on the big screen was his appearance as The Scorpion King in the The Mummy Returns.
  • Johnson refused an offer from Dunkin’ Donuts to name a donut after him


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