Frozen In Time – 13 People Who Were Found Completely Preserved

8. Mummified daughter

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In the 1920s, a young girl died from pneumonia and her father was so devastated that he entombed her in a glass coffin and kept her in a catacomb.

Later, they moved her to a nitrogen filled chamber. She is still in the catacombs in Sicily.

This grieving father visited his daughter many times through the years. I hope that being able to see her beautiful face brought him comfort. He held on the only way he knew how to after this devastating loss.

9. John Torrington

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While on an exhibition searching the arctic, our next preserved person died on a Canadian beach. John Torrington was a sailor, and he and two other crew members were preserved on the cold beach for over 100 years.

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They were found very well preserved, and although they know John’s name, nothing else is known at all. His coffin was discovered five feet below the frozen ground. According to a plaque on the coffin, he passed away in 1846.

10. Eva Perón

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Eva Perón was the wife of Argentinian president Juan Perón, back in the 1940s. She was beloved by her country, with many people displaying her photo next to a photo Mary, mother of God, in their homes.

They couldn’t bear the thought of burying her when she passed away, so it was decided she would be preserved and an expert was hired to do the job.

Her body was stored in a house in Italy at one point, where a caretaker was said to have fallen in love with her to the point he went insane.

Today, she’s back in Argentina.

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