Frozen In Time – 13 People Who Were Found Completely Preserved

11. The Missing Couple

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A couple went missing sometime during the 1950s. The man made shoes, and the woman was a teacher. Their disappearance occurred near the Appalachian Mountains, where they were last seen going to their pasture to milk the cows.

Fast forward 75 years, and their bodies were found by maintenance worker. He found them at the site of a glacier where a ski resort is located. More and more of the ice melts away each year, and this is what made it possible for them to be found.

At first, there remains were thought to be rocks. At one point, someone inspected a little closer and found boots and clothing from the 1950s. It is thought that the couple fell into a hole of a glacier, entombing them.

12. Xin Zhui

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A Chinese woman known as the “Diva Mummy” was discovered nearly 2000 years after her death. She was so well preserved that they were able to perform medical tests on her.

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They determined she had back pain, and heart disease during her life. Her internal organs, including her brain, were also very well preserved, in almost perfect condition.

She died in 163 BC. It is amazing that she was able to be studied due to such perfect preservation.

13. Ming Dynasty Mummy

Image Source: YOUTUBE

A Mummy from the Ming Dynasty, buried in full clothing and with lots of expensive jewelry was discovered by a construction worker in 2012.

A new road was being laid, and he found her as he was digging to prepare for the road. The Mummy was 600 years old, and even though her coffin was full with water, she was perfectly intact.

Interestingly, they believe the mummification was unintentional, because China wasn’t in the practice of mummifying their people. There was an exorcism coin with her, which is to safeguard the corpse from evil spirits.

There is no telling how many people are still waiting to be discovered frozen in time. These stories are probably just a very small sample.

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