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Hailie, The 22-year-old Daughter Of Eminem Was Gorgeous This Christmas

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Nowadays, it is easy to see what someone’s life is like, especially if that someone is a celebrity. That is because today, we have social media platforms that can provide a lot of information about anyone. The best among the social media websites is probably Instagram.

In case you would like to know how the kids of famous singers live, you might want to check 22-year-old Hailie Jade Scott Mathers’ Instagram account. She is the daughter of the legendary rapper and producer Eminem, and she uploaded a photo of herself right before Christmas. You must check out the way she looks. Hailie is not one of those people to always put themselves in the spotlight, it is actually the opposite – this photo is her first public “appearance” in about nine months.

Her follower count is upwards of 900,000 and I bet all of them are probably pretty happy to see a new photo, because, as we already mentioned, Hailie seems to dislike the public attention.

Image Source: Instagram

The photo showed the young woman lying on a red couch, showing off her abs, as she was wearing a short white top. The post was captioned simply with “Happy early birthday to me” and if you wonder why, the answer is simple – Hailie’s birthday is on Christmas Day and she celebrates both at the same time.

The strikingly beautiful young lady wore slim fit jeans and black sandals for the photo. The smoky make-up was in perfect harmony with the red lipstick she was wearing. The whole concept of the photo was seemed to be well thought and the result was flawless. You begin to wonder why she does not post pictures more often. When you browse through her Instagram account, you just see a happy young woman who seems to enjoy the company of her boyfriend a lot.

Image Source: Instagram

When she is not under the spotlight, Hailie Scott is an ordinary college student. She studies at Michigan State University.

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Hailie graduated from Chippewa Valley High School in 2014, and she did not waste the chance to publicly show her gratitude for everything her parents gave her and the support and influence she had received from them.

She stated that both her parents have always been behind her in every way, and their efforts enabled her to become what she was today and to achieve everything she wanted so far.

Upon graduation she was presented with the Summa Cum Laude status, a very prestigious award that is given only to those who achieve a grade point average above 3.9 at Michigan’s Clinton Township.

Hailie stayed busy all the time during her high school years, because of membership in numerous organization and initiatives, such as the student council, the National Honor Society and the Art, Key and volleyball clubs.

Hailie’s mother, Kim Scott, married Marshal Mathers III, also known as Eminem, in 1999. The couple divorced in 2001, but five years later, they got remarried, only to divorce again. This time, the marriage did not even last for a year.

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Eminem revealed some intimate details about his private life from the past , and as it turns out, he has been known to look for real romance. He even admitted that he installed the Tinder dating mobile app and started visiting strip clubs for the sole purpose to meet new women. He even got a laugh when he said that he also tried out Grindr, which is the gay-version of Tinder. He said he was trying to make new friends. Of course, he was only joking.

The music legend admitted that he faced some hard times after his second divorce. He said that he had gone out with a couple of women on dates but none of them was going to lead where he wanted it to. In his own words, dating is not something that has been on his mind lately.

The 45-year old performer continued and said that going to a strip club for the sole purpose to meet new girls was very interesting to him.

Despite being without a serious relationship, Eminem stated that he is not lonely at all, because he has two more children.

Hailie is the singer’s only biological child, but he adopted Whitney Mathers, who is now 15 years old, as well as 24-year old Alaina Mathers, who is the daughter of Kim’s deceased twin sister.

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