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Heartwarming Cartoon Shows Steve Irwin Welcoming Bushfire Animals Into Heaven

Image Source: Instagram

The legendary animal lover and wildlife explorer Steve Irwin is one of the names you have probably seen a lot in the last couple of days. The legend’s family – his wife Terri and his son Robert are trying to make sure his legacy is continued. They are currently helping as many animals as they can, and they have saved more than 90,000 of them so far, which is absolutely incredible!

There is something else about Irwin that you definitely haven’t seen yet, and we are glad that we could share it with you. One super talented artist named Shania-Mae Sturm, who is born in Australia as well, was able to come up with the sweetest way of expressing what she feels about the bushfires and the role of the Irwin family. She decided to incorporate Steve Irwin’s image into a theme where he welcomes all the perished animals into heaven. The illustration shows Steve with a huge smile on his face, surrounded by Australian animals. Hundreds of thousands of people on social media have already seen it, and they could all agree that as heartbreaking as it is, it is also a touching way to show condolences to mother Nature for the loss of so many animals, and also a sweet way to remind us of Irwin’s life and contribution to the wildlife.

1. The artist

Image Source: Instagram

The illustration has already gone viral, but many people have still yet to see it, so sharing it was a must for us. We congratulate Shania-Mae Sturm for her amazing idea and for her skills because her work is simply wonderful. She did a great job, and after the illustration went viral, her Instagram profile was deleted due to the overload caused by the likes and shares, so she set up a new one.

2. Koalas were particularly affected by the fires

Image Source: Instagram

As the Irwin family stated recently, koalas are the one species that lost the most in the inferno. Their population has been dramatically reduced, meaning that every single koala saved is a huge success. A third of the whole koala population is already gone, which is a sad fact.

3. The feedback was awesome

Image Source: Instagram

The artist behind the awesome illustration probably did not expect this, but even Steve Irwin’s daughter, Bindi, saw her artwork and was amazed by it. She shared her thoughts and revealed she was touched to see it! Bindi is photographed here with her late father, not long before the tragic end of his life.

4. The Irwin family

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Image Source: Instagram

The legendary Steve and his work are world-famous and he hardly needs an introduction! His life ended much sooner than it should have. Steve passed away at age 44 in 2006. He had an uneven fight with a stingray that pierced his chest, which proved to be fatal for him. What is more important is that his legacy still goes on. His family tries to prove on a daily basis that they honor Steve by the work they do. They still make a huge difference, and the fact that they were able to save more than 90,000 animals from the wildfires is remarkable!

5. Bindi Irwin is also involved in the family mission

Image Source: Instagram

Not only Robert is keen on continuing his father’s legacy. Bindi Irwin is also busy with the Animal Hospital run by the family. She is proud to take care of those in need, and being a true Irwin, she is humble about the noble mission her family does. The Irwins are extraordinary people, indeed, and they deserve to be praised for what they do!

6. The viral illustration

Image Source: Instagram

The time to show you the actual illustration has come. The artist was able to incorporate all the animals whose population is damaged the most, including koalas, kangaroos, birds, and lizards. They are pictured in a group that is welcomed by Steve Irwin himself who seems to notice their confusion right away and greets them with open arms. He tells them not to worry, as he was going to take care of all of them! We really want to believe that this is what actually happened with all the animals that lost their lives in the wildfire!

7. People loved the illustration because they love Steve

Image Source: Instagram

Naturally, all of the thousands of comments found online have only one thing to say. All the people who saw the illustration showed just how much respect they had for Steve and they also didn’t fail to notice the talent and the effort of the artist behind this wonderful illustration. It was a touching moment for everyone and a good way to remind us of the legendary Irwin and his family’s legacy.

Written by Sven Miller

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