Heath Ledger Asked Christian Bale To Actually Beat Him For The Interrogation Scene In The Dark Knight

Why so serious, the Joker asks. But when it comes to acting the face behind the Joker’s painted mask is deadly serious.

It’s a little known fact, but Heath Ledger actually had his role at heart and went to great lengths in order to make the Joker as realistic as possible on the screen. This included some extreme actions like asking his co-stars to give him a proper beating. It might sound unbelievable, but Ledger actually insisted that Bale should beat him up. He wanted his co-star to hit him as hard as Batman would when it comes to the Joker. Bale, of course, was also startled at this request.

At first Bale didn’t want to punch him so hard, but Ledger explained that this is the only way everything will look real on camera. This is how the perfect and real scene was captured.

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This is just one of hundreds of other reasons to love Heath Ledger’s work and to admire his devotion towards his projects. Devotion, which many Hollywood actors prefer to fake rather than prove.

Bonus fact:

Heath Ledger focused so much on becoming “The Joker” that he locked himself in a hotel room for about 6 weeks. He spent those weeks alone thinking and talking on himself as “The Joker”. He also kept a diary where he wrote every thought of his character.

This is one of the reasons the movie made more than $1 billion in box office and became iconic screening among all other Batman movies.

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