Heath Ledger Became A Champion In Chess When He Was 10 Years Old

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Heath Ledger’s tragic premature death left millions of people all around the world heartbroken – both fans and family members/friends. He left behind a short, but brilliant legacy – movies like Brokeback Mountain, Casanova, 10 Things I Hate About You and The Dark Knight. However, acting wasn’t Ledger’s only talent.

He used to be an extremely fierce chess player even from an early age. When Ledger was still a cute little 10 year old kid with dimples and no acting experience he managed to become a champion in the Western Australia’s junior chess championship. He continued playing chess as he grew up. Sometimes he even played with others at the Washington Square Park in NYC. His love for the game could have landed him a directing debut back in 2008, but the unfortunate events of his untimely death had the final say.

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Ledger was about to direct a movie based on The Queen’s Gambit, a novel from 1983 written by Walter Tevis. Ledger was about to direct the project and to star in the movie adaptation alongside the actress Ellen Page.

Ledger was pretty good at chess, because he had that analyst thinking. On the set he used to improvise big time, because he was pretty smart and knew what would be a perfect fir for a scene. For example while filming The Dark Knight he made a lot of improvisation on a major scenes making them even better. When the directors saw the final result they decided to keep them in the movie.

In order to become a chess master, a person needs to be able to think a couple moves forward. If he doesn’t, the other player will do win the game as well. So here is the connection between perfect acting and being a chess master. For both a person needs a higher IQ than average.

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