How To Wake Up Easier – 8 Simple Tricks!

If you’re anything like me, to wake up easier in the morning can be the hardest thing to do. You are nice and cozy and warm so you do not want to move. Alarm clocks get the snooze button a few times too many. No matter how early you go to bed, that is just the place you want to stay all day long. You wish you didn’t have to go anywhere and you could stay in your comfy pajamas and eat snacks while binge watching Netflix all from the comfort of your bed. Rainy, gloomy days make for the hardest time getting up and going in mornings. Coffee tastes good but most of the time there’s not enough energy to get up and actually make it.

Image Source: MEMEBASE.COM
Image Source: MEMEBASE.COM

Here are a few tips to help your mornings become a little bit easier:

1. Let the sun shine in. Keep your windows free of blinds or dark curtains, the sun will help you to wake up in a better mood. Waking up in a better mood will set a great start to your day, that will carry on throughout the rest of your day.

2. Eat a good breakfast. You’ve heard it your entire life. Eat your breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day. Well, that is true, make this a habit. Eating a healthy breakfast will give the energy you need to get you through the day. If you skip out on breakfast you tend to be more sluggish and slower moving throughout the day.

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3. Take a shower first. This will help you wake up, let the hot water run for a bit while you stand under it. If you’re cold in the morning this will help out a lot. You’ll also be fresh and clean for the day that is ahead.

4. Have a friend give you a call to wake you up. Make sure it is a friend that you can rely on, you don’t want them to forget. Hearing a friends voice early in the morning makes you more likely to be happy and you’ll want to get up and get the day started.

5. Make sure you pick a good alarm clock sound. You don’t want to use your favorite song as an alarm on your phone to wake you up because, chances are, you’ll fall into a more deep sleep. Choose the most obnoxious, loud, hard to ignore sound. The good old classic alarm clock beep is what works best for me.

6. Move your alarm far away from where you sleep. Having your alarm clock across the room forces you to get up and move around in the morning. If your alarm is going off and you can’t reach it, you aren’t going to be able to fall back to sleep because of the noise so, you have to get up and shut it off.

7. Go to bed a little bit sooner than normal. Going to bed a bit earlier will help you get into more of a schedule. And, you’re more likely to fall asleep earlier because you aren’t staying up too late.

8. Set your alarm for a time sooner than you would normally set it for. Doing this gives you a few extra minutes to wake up, stretch out, and feel more energized. Just don’t use this time to get a few more minutes of sleep.
I hope these tips will help you out, we all could use a great nights sleep.

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