‘I eat 51 bananas a day!’ – This Woman Claims That She Maintains Her Body Weight Only With Bananas

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If you want to lose weight without having to endure the pain of exercising probably the best course of action is to think of a special diet. There are all kinds of diets for all kinds of different people but one Australian woman named Freelee has probably the most bizarre one.

Freelee is nicknamed “The Banana Lady” because her diet consists mainly of bananas. She eats exactly 51 bananas per day before 4 p.m. She eats nothing else that could be made out of meat and sticks to her “raw” diet. According to the fruitarian lifestyle devotee eating between 2,000 and 5,000 calories per day from fruit only is the best possible way to remain skinny. Freelee also eats 2 whole pineapples, 5 mangos and drinks a gallon of orange juice every day.

Although Freelee suffered from both bulimia and anorexia in the past she is now convinced she is on the best possible diet for her body.

At the moment Freelee has more than 700k YouTube subscribers. She often speaks about her diet and writes articles about it on her website. She’s so much into her diet that she even decided to write a book that her fans can buy.

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According to experts cutting out regular food from her meals can cause a huge health concerns. Nutritional experts are advising not to eat too many bananas, because they are rich on potassium (a mineral very important for our survival). Overdosing on potassium can cause heart problems and while it’s nearly impossible to overdose only from bananas there are other health problem that might occur. Eating too much bananas can cause a kidney problems.

According to BDA (British Dietetic Association) spokeperson said that even though she’s claiming that her diet is great for her body it conflicts with traditional nutritioning which is scientific proven by doctors.

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