Instagram Star Whose Whole Body Is Covered With Tattoos Reveals His Biggest Regret

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If you are not familiar with Yakiboy, he a Sydney-based bodybuilder with over 30,000 Instagram followers. The social media star is well-known for having tattoos that cover almost his entire body.

He also has gold front teeth, and has been pictured holding a gold-plated AK-47. His Instagram account is actually followed by the bikers known as the Gold Coast Bandidos.


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In a post on Instagram, Yakiboy spoke of his biggest regret—the tattooed bodybuilder said that he lamented the time he spent with former friend Pasquale Barbaro, the infamous kingpin who was murdered by two hitmen in Sydney back in 2016.

Barbaro was shot in the head by hooded men while sitting in a silver Mercedes in Earlwood. He was rumored to be a high-level informant to Australia’s Crime Commission—and it is possible that he may have been one for years. At the time of his death, Barbaro allegedly owed a criminal organization one million Australian dollars, and he had also been feuding with other Sydney-area gangsters.

He was 35 at the time of his death.

In his Instagram post, Yakiboy wrote that the only regret he has in life is being friends with Pasquale, who he referred to as a “dog”. He wrote that he didn’t know that Pasquale was a “dog”. His being a “dog” is why, Yakiboy said, everyone in Australia hated him.

Yakiboy wrote that he is not a bikie or a member of any group, adding that he does not have issues with anyone. He claims to be a Muslim Shia soldier—always by himself.

Image Source: YakiBoy/Instagram

Pictures from before the kingpin’s death show Barbaro and Yakiboy together, hanging out in a variety of settings.
For example, there’s a picture poolside, which shows off their tattoos.


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When he died, Barbaro was apparently on a $350,000 surety. He had spent time on jail due to drug charges.

While bleeding on a doorstep, Barbaro shouted his final words, which were: “open the f***ing door”.

It was following the murder that rumor began to spread about Barbaro being an informant for the police—or a “dog”.
According to what was said on the street at the time, Barbaro would brag about his ties to the New South Wales Crime Commission; allegedly, he also boasted about being given guns in exchange for bail.

Because Barbaro reportedly owed one million Australian dollars, he was almost constantly wearing a bullet proof best. The only time he took it off was when he was in the company of those to whom he was close.

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Last year, a judge ruled that Barbaro likely paid two hitmen in order to get another underworld figure killed; at the time of his death, Barbaro’s involvement was suspected in several kidnapping and murder cases.

Yakiboy may have once been good friends with a known gangster and followed on social media by bikers, but it seems as if he is really just a family man these days—one who really enjoys the gym and has an incredible social media presence. His wife is pregnant with the couple’s daughter.

There’s absolutely no evidence that Yakiboy was even remotely connected with Barbaro’s alleged criminal activities; considering he says his biggest regret in life was his friendship with Barbaro and the time they spent together, it seems clear that Yakiboy just wants to move on with his life.

It isn’t the first thing you think of when you think of Sydney, but like most large cities Sydney has crime issues and an underworld. Crime near and around the city’s center is largely found in the Kings Cross area, part of which is known to be the city’s red-light district and home to organized crime in the area. Naturally, a lot of crime in Sydney is related to illegal drugs.

However, just because Sydney has a criminal underworld, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider traveling there. After all, it is Australia’s most populous city, and it is actually considered one of the most livable cities in the world. It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, attracting millions of tourists each and every year.

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