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Jason Momoa Bought Himself And His Wife’s Ex Husband Matching Rings

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Chances are that you are a fan of Jason Momoa. We mean, what’s not to like about him? He is a real hunk, a very talented actor and also has an admirable personality that sets an example. The  thing about him is that he sometimes sets the bar really high! This story is just another example showing how cool Momoa is, but it is also something really different compared to similar situations we have all seen before. He is actually a good friend with his wife’s ex-husband and he chose to state it once again. Scroll down and enjoy the wholesome things you are about to read and see!

1. Jason Momoa, his wife Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz, her ex-husband, are really close friends

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The bromance between these two might surprise many people but it is an undisputable fact! The actor was probably really happy about that fact and he even decided to prove it by making a move that is beyond cool. Thanks to his attitude, he and Kravitz now own matching rings! They are both living legends and seeing them together, considering the circumstances, is something special!

2. The actor’s post about the gift became massively popular

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As you can see, the post in which Momoa expressed the respect he has for Lenny became really popular and more than half a million people liked it! He mentioned the person who made the rings and also thanked Lenny Kravitz for supporting him during his first time as the host of the Saturday Night Live show which obviously meant a lot to him.

3. The singer showed a lot of support

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Since this was a big night for Jason Momoa, he needed all the support he could receive. This was probably one of the reasons Kravitz was there! The singer even posted on Instagram about it and Momoa was obviously pleased with that because he decided he should return the favor! The Aquaman star chose to give Lenny a set of handcrafted skull rings which appear to be unique! They were created by a skilled craftsman Momoa mentioned in the post.

4. These are the rings Momoa gave to his wife’s ex-hubby

Image Source: Instagram

Jason Momoa obviously loved the artist who carved these skull-themed rings and he mentioned his Instagram account for everyone to see. Here it is: It appears that there is no better way of advertising your business by getting a reference from someone as admired as Jason Momoa. The craftsman is a professional skull carver and it is obvious that he is good at his thing.

5. Lenny Krabitz’s daughter Zoe is very supportive of the bromance

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Zoe is a happy person and also very lucky to have a father and a stepdad as cool as these two legends are! In an interview she once said that the two men respect each other deeply. She also mentioned that Kravitz was also close with his the two kids Momoa and Lisa Bonet have between them. It really sounds like they are one big happy family. Stuff like that is rare to see these days. Most families now are not as nearly as united as these people were able to remain close! This image was posted by Lenny Kravitz when he showed up to support Momoa during his first night as an SNL host.

6. This was the post Kravitz wrote

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When you read the simple post the singer shared, you can definitely feel the respect he has for Momoa. He called him ‘brother’ and he also mentioned that he was ‘doing his thing’, meaning that he was confident in the actor’s skills. He obviously had no doubt that Momoa would absolutely crush it as a host, and so he did!

7. The singer and Lisa Bonet got married 31 years ago

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They had Zoe a year after that. The 30-year-old woman was born in 1988. The marriage lasted for six years only but that was only the first period of their relationship. They remained really close and kept their friendship strong despite not being intimate anymore. This was probably the reason Zoe grew up to be a happy kid and never missed the attention of any of her parents. And now she even has on extra dad which is awesome!

8. Love has the actual power to change the world

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As we mentioned above, Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz remained close enough to give their daughter the love and care she deserved. Zoe obviously thrived under her parents’ supervision and inherited all their talents! She is an actress, a singer and a model, and that is no surprise considering how talented her parents are! We already said it – Zoe Kravitz is one lucky girl and we are so happy for her!

9. Momoa has always been in love with Bonet even before he met her in person

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The actor confessed that he was only eight years old when he knew that he had a crush on Lisa Bonet. He saw his future wife for the first time on the Cosby Show and it was many years after that, in 2005, when he got the chance to meet her. A mutual friend introduced them to each other and he was able to convince her to take her out. What started as a date ended up with a marriage in 2017 and two kids prior that marriage! We guess that it was their destiny to be with each other! Momoa even shared that he was able to convince Bonet to accompany her home that night.

10. The actor and his wife have two wonderful kids between them

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Momoa is really proud with his two kids. His son is named Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa and he is now 11 years old, and his 9-year-old sister’s name is Lola Iolani Momoa. As you can clearly see, they can easily be called the perfect family and little ones are perfect copies of their parents! They will probably inherit the talent of their parents, as well as the looks!

11. Momoa was afraid to admit he had a crush on Bonet

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This is one really curious fact and we totally understand why he did it. The actor was afraid she might consider him to be weird or even creepy if he told her he had a crush on her for years. He only confessed after their second child was born. We guess that he did the right thing and probably most people in his position would have done the same! Saying that you loved someone for so long and actually getting to be with them could be mistaken for a successful stalking campaign and nobody would like that.

12. People online wrote all sorts of positive comments

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One woman noticed that Lisa Bonet had no signs of ageing and even joked that the secret might be kale, but she hoped it was something else. All jokes aside, this woman is right! Bonet looks the same way as she did twenty years ago and this s astonishing considering the fact she gave birth to three children! She must have a secret about her eternally good looks!

13. This must be every woman’s dream

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Here is a funny comment that got us rolling on the floor laughing! This woman really knows her thing and shared a vision that probably most women would be happy with! Of course, the funny comment was nothing but a way to show support and appreciation for the close bond between these cool people! We absolutely support that position and we wish more couples were like that for the sake of everyone’s happiness.

14. This woman also has a point

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Here is another funny comment that actually points out the obvious. Except everything cool about the relationship between the two men, you need to admit that Lisa Bonet definitely has a taste in men. Being married to Lenny Kravitz and Jason Momoa is like scoring the biggest lottery win twice and we are certain that many women envy her! They have every reason to, because these hunks are every woman’s dream!

15. Some ladies were just happy to see both of these men in the same photo

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As you can see, some comments were more than expressive and some were even naughty! Once again it was stated that one of them would be more than enough to make a woman dream about all kinds of things, but the two of them together in one place is probably a bit too much to handle! The singer and the actor really formed an unlikely bond and they are the living proof that the foundation of every relationship is mutual respect. Being the majestic hunks they are, this only doubles as an effect and we believe they were able to set an example for others in similar situations to follow.

Written by Nick Martin

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