Jennifer Lawrence Ate Garlic Or Tuna Each Time Before Having To Kiss Liam Hemsworth On The Set Of The Hunger Games

Liam Hemsworth made an appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show earlier this November and answered questions sent by fans via Twitter.

Apart from asking him about his high school experience, his teenage celebrity crush and his ability to walk in high heels, Jimmy also asked Hemsworth about what it felt like to kiss Jennifer Lawrence. The 24 year old Australian actor said it was “awkward”. As it turns out, Lawrence, who is famous for her sense of humor, would eat garlic or tuna just before she and Liam had to film a romantic scene for The Hunger Games. And not only did it happen all the time, but Lawrence also reportedly told her co-star what she had eaten and that she hadn’t brushed her teeth.

On the other hand Jennifer stated that she didn’t eat anything on purpose. She had just eaten thing she usually ate. She also said that she don’t want to change her eating habits for Liam and she doesn’t see anything wrong in eating delicious food during a long and busy day. She also stated that she had politely informed Liam every time she ate garlic, tuna or didn’t brush her teeth. She said that she would change her eating habit or brush her teeth if she has a romantic scene with a real star like Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper and on so…

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P.S. Here is a tip if you have eaten something like garlic, tuna etc.

The bad smell not always come from the mouth. Most of the time it actually comes from the stomach. That’s why using a gum is not the best choice for eliminating bad breath. If you have eaten garlic the so called “garlic breath” may stay up to 24 hours, so it’s very important to take measures against it. We would recommend to avoid eating garlic during the day (if you are not going to stay all day and all night home) or if you do here are some tips on getting rid of the garlic breath:

1. Try to eat some fresh products like apples, spinach or mint.

2. According to a recent research a mouthwash with chlorine dioxide will help!

3. Drink 1 – 2 tablespoons of apple sided vinegar, because it contains pectin, which helps for the growth of good bacteria.

4. Wash teeth and tongue for at least 2 minutes.

5. Drink enough water.

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