JetBlue Flight Made Emergency Landing Due To Rowdy Woman On Board

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Last July, a JetBlue Flight made an emergency landing due to an intoxicated woman who touched a man without consent, threw food and drinks, and broke out of the restraints she was placed in.

The woman in question is 30 year old Robin Ducore. She was on the flight headed to New York from the Caribbean. After departing from the Dominican Republic, it is reported that she had four servings of white wine in less than two hours.

She then began touching the man seated next to her on the head in a flirtatious manner. It was obvious that he didn’t want the behavior to continue. The flight attendant moved him to another seat, and this caused Ms. Ducore to become very mad. That is when she began to become belligerent towards the crew.

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Her charges were interfering with a flight crew. The plane made its emergency landing in Washington D.C.

Robin Ducore is thought to be a Cartier merchandiser, and will be in court to answer to these charges next week.

Witnesses from the flight reported to law enforcement that Ducore had the four wines in the span of an hour and a half. When she was told she couldn’t have more, she became belligerent and loud, and began to curse out the crew.

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Ducore then proceeded to fondle the head of the male passenger next to her in a flirtatious fashion. The crew on the flight noted that he looked uncomfortable in regards to the unsolicited touching.

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One of the flight attendants attempted to provide Ms. Ducore with food and water in an attempt to sober her up, and Ducore threw them across the plane.

The crew then put her in restraints called flex cuffs in an attempt to retain her but she broke out of them a few minutes later. She also verbally abused the flight attendant, using curse words.

For the safety of everyone on board the flight, the decision was made to make the emergency landing at Dulles International Airport. They classified it as a level 2 threat to security of the aircraft. This classification of threat includes abusive behavior such as kicking, hitting, or pushing, and inappropriate touching.

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The attorney representing Robin Ducore is placing the blame on the airline, and says her client was already drunk before boarding the flight, and should not have been served any alcohol, anyway. She is attempting to place the blame for the entire debacle on the shoulders of the airline.

Ducore apparently passed out for almost half an hour during the end of the flight, but they decided it was still best to make the emergency landing.

The lawyer, Nina J. Ginsberg says Ms. Ducore shouldn’t even have been allowed to board the plane, since airline personnel are supposed to refuse boarding to anyone appearing intoxicated.

An affidavit provided to the court shows Ducore’s card being charged for 3 drinks, but eyewitnesses said it was actually 4.

JetBlue has been contacted but has yet to comment on the situation.

If Ducore is convicted of the charges against her, she could be sentenced for up to 20 years in prison.

Written by Amanda Johnson

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