Man Sets Up Fake Tinder To Send Vile Sexual Messages To Women, But Still Gets Their Numbers

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A user on a body building forum decided to create a fake profile on Tinder using pictures of a male model. He then went on to message several women with distasteful, objectionable, and overtly sexual “opening lines”.

The unknown forum user goes by GermanLifter.

The responses he received proved what many of us already know: a lot of people value looks over personality and substance.

Image Source: boredpanda

The man posted about his Tinder case study, which he called “The Life of a 10/10 Male”.

Image Source: boredpanda

He freely admitted in his posting that he created the fake profile because he wanted to enjoy the attention of women—the sort of women that he does not typically attract.

Clearly not pleased with the responses he had received in the past, GermanLifter decided he would learn how women would respond to a more attractive man. GermanLifter has described himself as having “absolutely zero game”.

The photos he used were of Holden Nowell, a male model. He was in the music video for “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen.

In his Tinder biography, GermanLifter said that he was 22 years old and 6 feet 3 inches tall; he described himself as a “world traveler”. He offered no additional information for potential dates.

Shortly after he shared his plan online, GermanLifter started posting on the forum about how his little experiment was going. He claimed the results were “unbelievable”.

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He wrote that every women he swiped on ended up being an instant match. In addition, women would often initiate the conversation.

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What surprised GermanLifter the most, he wrote, was that he could “literally say anything”. No matter what, he would still get their number.

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In order to prove his claim, he posted screengrabs of several of the conversations he had. The messages could get pretty graphic and inappropriate, but GermanLifter was still successful.

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With one woman, for example, he simply began the communication by writing “Anal?” and nothing more.

You would probably think that the woman receiving that message would find that offensive, but you would be wrong.
The recipient was more than happy to indulge GermanLifter and respond. In her response, she asked how his day was going, and then claimed to “love anal”.

In another exchange, a user seemed to take GermanLifter’s desire to stick his p*nis in between her breasts as a compliment, so she thanked him. Naturally, he used terms that were slightly crasser.

At one point, after GermanLifter hit on a woman in a very blatant way with a cheesy pick up line, a woman asked to see his social media profiles. He told her that he did not use Instagram or Snapchat. She might have been mildly surprised, but she sent him her number anyway.

Image Source: boredpanda

So it seems as if many women on Tinder were happy enough to give GermanLifter their number after receiving nothing more than a few messages, many of which used foul language. Most were just propositions for sex.

We do not know the true numerical success rate of GermanLifter’s little experiment, but he claimed that he was rejected very few times. His success rate was definitely not 100 percent. For example, when he asked one woman if she wanted to “bang”, she said that she was on a break from “random sex” and apologized. However, she assured GermanLifter that someone else on the site would indulge him.

Other rejections came because he used particularly foul and offensive language, usually when he opened the conversation by suggesting intercourse or some sort of sexual activity.

GermanLifter, and many of the men on the body building forum, genuinely seemed surprised that women use Tinder for random hookups with attractive men. However, that should not really come as much of a surprise to anyone, as it is often used as a hookup app. That said, it has also led to engagements and marriages.

Tinder was first released in September of 2012 and quickly became one of the top social networking apps. It can be used in over 40 languages, and tens of millions of people use the app every day. Most Tinder users are between the ages of 25 and 34 years old.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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