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Meet Stamatis Moraitis – The Man Who (Almost) Forgot To Die And Outlived His Doctors By 40 Years

The negative experience of being told you have just 9 months to live is beyond unimaginable. But it happened in 1976 to a man named Stamatis Moraitis. He was a Greek veteran from the WW2 who emigrated into the US after the war.  Initially he worked as a manual laborer before finally settling in  Boynton Beach, Fla. It was where he met his wife from Greek-American heritage. They had 3 children and big 3 bedroom house.

Video interview with Stamatis:

One day in 1976 Stamatis was short of breath and  had to seek medical help. It was then when doctors told him he had lung cancer and had only 6 to 9 months of life left. Instead of submitting himself to grueling and painful chemotherapy in his mid 60s, Stamatis decided to go back to his home island of Ikaria, Greece.  He calculated it will be much cheaper to organize his funeral at his home island rather than the US.  When he moved back to Ikaria he left his stressful life in the US. Stamatis began living a quieter and happier life by working his family’s vineyards. Eventually the 6-9 months have passed and he did not die. He even felt more alive than ever and cancer-free.

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According to official documents Stamatis is now 102 and all he did to cure himself of cancer was to move back to Ikaria. Later he sought the doctors that diagnosed him to inform them about his well being, but they have all passed away.

Unfortunately Stamatis died on FEB 3 2013 at the age of 98 or 102 (nobody is sure, because he didn’t remember when he was born) peacefully at his home in Greece.

Editor’s note:

So, guys! What’s the moral of the story? In order to live long and beautiful life we need to make is stress free. All cancer and similar deceases are because of stress and so on. So, please keep calm, have fun and enjoy your life.

Written by Patrick Bennet

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