Meet The 9/11 Tourist Guy And The Reasons Why His Photo Was A Hoax

Not too long after the tragic events unfolded on September 11th, a photo emerged. In the photo there was a tourist that stood atop of the World Trade Centers. You could see in the background of this image one of the planes was ready to crash into the tower. The back story of the photo tells how the camera was found, but nobody could recognize the tourist pictured. There is a lot of conflict when it comes to this photo and many people say that it could be some type of prank. A short time ago, the man that is being held responsible for this photo, was seen in Hungary. An apology was made and the man explained that the photo was never meant to reach the public.

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR

The facts that proved this photo to be false are:

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  • September 11th was a calm day, it was also a warm day. In the photo the man appeared to be sporting winter clothing.
  • It is impossible that the camera used to take this picture could withstand that much of a fall and the explosion.
  • The plane in the photo was a Boeing 757 but the two planes that hit the towers were Boeing 767.
  • The building in which the man is standing on is the South tower, the North Tower was the first one to be hit. If the other tower was being hit with a plane, this man would not be standing there still.
  • The South Tower was hit from the south by Flight 175 but, in the picture, the background is Midtown Manhattan and the plane is coming from the North side.
  • This photo has the wrong contrast. If the plane was in fact, in the picture, it would be yellow in color and not silver.
  • The photo looks as if it was made with Microsoft Paint, it does not appear to be taken with a camera. This just goes to show that it was taken way before 2001.
  • The plane who hit the South tower was from United Airlines, in this photo the airplane is from American Airlines.

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