Mother Who Forced Her Daughters To Prostitute Now Faces A 129-Year Prison

We have all heard stories about bad parents who are simply not good at raising their offspring. Everyone probably knows at least one parent who really needs advice on how to get things done properly.

However, not correctly coping with the responsibility of raising children is one thing; abusing them on purpose is a completely different story, and you are about to read one of probably the worst examples of how a mother could mistreat her own kids. There is no rational explanation for such cruelty, and there could be absolutely no excuse for the horrible things that two young girls were forced to go through.

Crystal Kindle is a 39-year-old woman from Lima, Ohio. She is currently facing a sentence—which might be as long as 129 years in prison—after she pled guilty to all charges, and the minimum amount of time she will serve is 10 years. The woman admitted that she forced her daughters to prostitute and then used the money earned to buy the addictive substances she felt she needed on a daily basis.
She was accused on many accounts, including three counts of rape, sexual conduct with a minor, several counts of gross sexual imposition, encouraging prostitution and trafficking of people, endangering of minors, illegal production, use of nudity-oriented content with minors, and many more; all of the charges pressed against the woman are felonies. She was held against a bond of $750,000.
Despite the fact that she encouraged both of her children to be abused, all the charges pressed are specifically related to only one them.

Kindle started the whole thing by taking nude pictures of one of her daughters and sending them to Ronald Payne, who paid her for the content. Apparently this was not enough, because at one point the woman started taking her daughter to Payne, who was only twelve years old at the time; he abused the girl and had intercourse with her against her will.

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Payne showed his “generosity” by giving Kindle the choice to decide if it was a better idea to bring him her older daughter, who was 15, instead of the little 12-year old girl. She thought it was the better option, so she did bring her other child to the man—who abused her as well. Payne is now serving his 30-year sentence for the crimes he committed against the two children. All the crimes the man committed against the two sisters happened during one year—between January 2014 and January 2015.

According to local sources, the fact that Kindle pled guilty was kind of a surprise, because she seemed to be ready for a trial.

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Sadly, the case of Crystal Kindle is not the only one who was recently known to purposely encourage the abuse of her own children.

Just days ago, another woman made it into the headlines after her horrific act was exposed. Jerrica Lackey received a 25-year sentence after she was found guilty of abusing her 16-months-old baby daughter. She filmed the whole thing and then sent the video to an unknown man she met via the Kik app.

Later, she told the investigating team that initially the man wanted a video of her changing the diaper on the baby, and then he started to ask more things, and eventually she took photos while abusing her own infant daughter. Her husband eventually found these photos and immediately demanded an explanation. Then Lackey called the police herself and reported what she had done. She confessed everything and pleaded guilty in order to receive a lighter sentence. The baby is currently with the father, and the older kids are being cared for by some of the family’s relatives.

The final sentence of Crystal Kindle for the human trafficking of her own daughter will be decided after the next court session, scheduled for the end of March. Whatever the court decides, she will be given a minimum of ten years to serve, and the cumulative maximum sentence for all the pressed charges against her is 129 years. The fines that the woman faces are up to $225,000, but that is the least of her worries right now.

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