My Whole Life In 5 Pictures

The internet is like a public swimming pool. Everybody uses it. I use it to watch funny cat videos and share things I relate to.

Here’s the thing about mornings and I believe many of you can relate: I HATE THEM. Seriously – I wake up every morning at 6:30 and until I get to my desk, steaming mug of coffee in hand, I’m like a zombie – people are saying ‘good morning’ to me and I just nod, in semi-conscious manner. Then I collapse in my chair, start the computer and open my browser, thus starting the 15 minutes long waking up process. At that point my brain need some meaningless, but stimulating images to start working. Hunting for those is half the process, the other half is free associating. Here’s some examples and if you dig them – I have a word for you – SHARE!

1. Morning shower

Image Source: Reddit

My cat Dorris does that thing where she would wait for me outside the shower, watching me. I find it to be endearing and creepy at the same time. And I kind of suspect she knows it, too.

2. The inconvenient convenience store

Image Source: theChive

See, the picture below is a punch under the belt and a great test of how much one cares about what strangers may think of him/her. This picture is taken in a store in my neighborhood. Imagine shopping there. Everybody knows you. Want to get additional 40% off those jeans?

3. The bare necessities..

test ad
Image Source: AcidCow

A buddy of mine is a bachelor. Cool dude, knows how to treat guests. Here’s his small, yet fully operational sink with soap and Nutella. What more do you need in the morning, seriously?

4. The after work hours:

Image Source: TUMBLR

The more I live the more I love sleeping. I even day-dream about sleeping,, can you imagine that? And when all is said and done and I’m home, cats are fed, I’ve taken a shower and there’s nothing between my face and the sensual soft kiss of a pillow…. that’s living.

5. Funny because it’s true

Image Source: Instagram

Do you know that feeling where you’d find an image on the internet and it’s funny but you don’t know why? And then it hits you – this thing actually reminds me of someone I know? And it’s pure joy and then you think: do I post this on their wall? Probably not a good idea. But you do it anyway? Yes – so do I.

Written by George Angel

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