Online Shop Owner Tracked Down And Traveled 530 Miles To Punch A Woman In The Face, Because She Left A Bad Review

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It sounds pretty insane, but it actually happened. A woman’s bad review that she left online for a shop earned her a punch in the face by the owner of the shop, who decided to travel 530 miles just for the sole purpose of doing that. Would you believe that? If there was a championship for overreacting, this guy most definitely would be the grand prize winner.

It all started when Xiao Li, a woman who loved shopping online, decided to order some clothes from an online shop, but later decided to write a complaint comment on the Taobao internet marketplace. The reason? Her order was delayed for four days.

Zhang, the shop owner, apparently became furious, because his ratings went down. He even threatened to murder his customer, which is more than strange; she did nothing wrong—she was just an unsatisfied customer.

Image Source: AsiaWire

A few days after the online threats, Xiao was waiting in Zhengzhou to receive another clothes delivery that she had ordered, and some CCTV camera on the spot shockingly captured Zhang appear out of nowhere and directly attack the unsuspecting Xiao while she was just randomly browsing through her phone.

He kicked her and slapped her in the face a couple of times, and she almost immediately fell to the ground, and then he walked off fast. Xiao needed to visit the hospital, where she was then treated for her injuries from the beating. The poor woman even had a slight concussion.

Shockingly, Zhang sent her a message while she was still in the hospital, and he stated that he came overnight all the way from Suzhou, which is located more than 500 miles away just to “teach her a lesson”—his own words.

Zhang proceeded with his harassment and threatened that he might attack her one more time. The local police force did comment on the case, but at least they confirmed that an immediate investigation was initiated.

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Image Source: AsiaWire

This is not an isolated case, and things like this have happened before. In September 2017, a group of men attacked a man in his own Changsha home simply because his wife left a negative review about a restaurant. An investigation was conducted, and eventually the police got to owner of the restaurant, who told them that he was afraid the bad review could hurt the good reputation of his business.

A month later, another shocking case followed. A delivery guy punched a woman right on the street in Hainan because he thought she might leave a negative review for him as a result of his being late with her food delivery.

Bad reviews can be found on numerous places in the internet—practically everywhere—but here are some particularly memorable ones from TripAdvisor:
One member writes a review about a hotel, and he suggests that it was an “absolute dump”.

The user describes his experience in the hotel and the shocking details of his stay, mentioning headboards with blood stains all over them, the trashy furniture, the rude staff, and the presence of excrement in the kettle, which is absolutely gross if it is actually true. Imagine what kind of a place that hotel is. We have stumbled upon such reviews before and could not help but wonder how such places remain open for customers instead of being shut down by the proper institutions and authorities.

The customer continues that a person could walk out of there with some sort of contamination, or even a disease, due to the lack of basic sanitary conditions. Such a negative comment means that the place was truly horrible, even if it was a bit exaggerated, which we do not know for sure.

Another user decided to leave a negative comment about a hotel, in which he described how flushing the toilet meant that it would overflow and spill all over. In addition, there apparently was a nice bed cover that was slightly stained and burned. The user obviously had a sense of humor, adding that despite these and other obstacles during their stay, they survived.

In addition, we have to add that many people do not understand the basics of business and still they try to offer some kind of service or a product. If you want good review and loyal customers, you have to deliver what you promised and deliver on the initial expectations you’ve set. Whether you fail to offer the proper quality or customer experience, do not wait for positive reviews, which is the most cherished and desired asset in the online trade business. The aforementioned horrific cases of assault due to a bad review is a sign that some businesspeople are not worthy of their status, and they cannot simply handle the responsibility of running a successful business. There are many other examples over the internet about how an unsatisfied customer can be fairly compensated and treated in a way that he or she may completely reverse the initial negative evaluation, and that’s the way things should definitely be done.

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