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People Who Self-Diagnose Themselves Via The Internet Are 95% More Likely To Develop Symptoms Of A Given Disease

Nowadays it has become quite popular to seek medical help from Dr. Google. According to a recent research more than 35% of all Americans have gone online to look up for a suitable diagnose to the symptoms they have. Unfortunately, 95% out of all find out they were completely wrong with their self-diagnosis after they visit a real medical specialist. But, however, the same percentage of people are also known to develop symptoms similar to those of the illnesses they think they have.

The worst case scenario is when people who use the Internet to self-diagnose and self-medicate tend to develop a kind of Internet-enabled hypochondria a.k.a. “cyberchondria”. By wandering online more and more people fuel their anxieties. Most believe that they have a particular illness just because the search engines have said so. People in this case are limited by their own biases and the random nature of the web.

Medical professionals warn that it’s best to double check your diagnosis every time and not worry for no reason.

Unfortunately most of the people are checking their symptoms in google, because they have free access to internet and smartphones. Most of the time waiting for an appointment can be pretty annoying. The worst part is that you don’t really know if it’s something they need to worry about or not!


1. NEVER self-diagnose over internet (you can always double-check your symptoms).
2. NEVER self-medicate from reading things online.
3. ALWAYS look for 2nd opinion.
4. TRUST only well known and a good professionals.
5. DON’T Google your symptoms before visiting a specialist.

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