Did you know that during the shooting of Resident Evil there was an accident that injured 16 people. First responders…


“Resident Evil” has numerous fans and some of them probably would like to know that 16 actors dressed as zombies have been injured in an accident while filming the fifth part of the movie in Toronto, Canada. They fell from a platform and the injuries affected their legs, arms and backs. Ouch! When the first paramedics arrived on the set, they saw a horrible scene that looked like a great catastrophe. Happily, it was all due to the special makeup effects and not because of a true disaster. The paramedics needed some time to examine the injuries. Twelve of the sixteen zombies were taken to hospital but the good news is that none of them has serious and life-threatening injuries. The accident happened while the crew was shooting a scene on a high platform. The actors had to move from one to another platform when the first one suddenly leaned. A gap between the platforms had opened where all zombies fell. Milla Jovovich wasn’t there during the accident.



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