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Robert Irwin Tries Not To Cry While Discussing Australia’s Wildfires

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The late Steve Irwin is a legend that most people have heard about. The extraordinary man was an inspiration to many, and his show was a real pleasure to see.

You can imagine that his family followed his footsteps and tried to keep up to their name, and they are good at it. Given the situation in Australia for the past few months, the Irwins outdid themselves. The unstoppable bushfires have taken their tall throughout Australia, but while some people are scared and running, the Irwin family did the opposite. They faced the flames and stepped into action! They decided to do as much as they can to protect wildlife. Of course, they could not save them all, but Robert, Steve Irwin’s son, and his mother Terri did their best. They spoke about the inferno in Australia and the way they were able to save more than 90,000 animals. Of course, this must have been a really hard time for them, and as they talked about how they helped the Australian wildlife, you could see their eyes water. Australia is their home, and you can be sure that they would have helped every single animal if they had the chance to. They also talk about the real scale of the flames that have engulfed much of the continent. The family also explained that the koala population is the most vulnerable of all.

Most of all, Robert Irwin reminded of his late father, and you could see that he loves Australia and the wildlife just as much as Steve Irwin did!

1. Robert Irwin is an amazing 16-year-old

The numbers on the damage the fires in Australia have caused are staggering and really hard to swallow, especially if you have lived there all your life and you know you cannot do much to protect it. Some reports suggest that more than half a billion animals have already lost their lives in the blazing inferno, which is absolutely horrible! Some species are nearly lost, as there are many animals typical only for Australia living on the continent. Of course, not only the Irwin family tried to help. Many individuals tried to do what they can, helping any way they can. Veterinary cabinets and zoos were turned into medical facilities that treated the rescued animals. Needless to say, the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital and all of its staff were there 24/7, and they made a difference. As Terri Irwin explained, they were able to help many animals in need of medical attention, including koalas, platypus, possums and many others. The facility premises are impressive and this allowed the family to do a great job at saving wildlife.

2. The Irwin family did their best to save a huge number of animals

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During that interview, you could see young Robert trying to hold back his tears. You can tell that he is having a really hard time and the impact of the fires have devastated him.

Robert and his mother tried to explain just how hard it was for them to help the wildlife. Burns and smoke inhalation were the most common situations but the biggest thing to deal with was animals going where they shouldn’t go at all – roads and urban areas. This resulted in many different moments when animals were in danger because of passing vehicles or domestic animals trying to protect their homes.

3. The Koala population

Image Source: NY Times

But most of all, the koalas were what concerned the Irwins the most, as their population was in real danger, and it still is. You see, koalas have an instinct to climb trees when they feel intimidated, and that is a problem when a fire is raging. As Terri explained, eucalyptus trees are like torches, because they catch fire very easy and are hard to extinguish after that. This is how many koalas lost their lives.

4. The tears

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Image Source: Twitter

It seems that Robert Irwin is the kind of person to really live for what he does, just like his legendary dad. While watching the video posted on Twitter, you could easily see the young man having a hard time not to shed a tear while his mother spoke. He put his heart in what he does, and for that, we salute him.

5. The scale of the tragedy

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Terri spoke about the consequences and the way her family was able to make a difference. You can see that she is a determined and strong woman, much like her late husband. She probably inspired Robert just as much as his father did, which is admirable.

6. The public admired Robert

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There were more than a few comments that really made it clear how people admire Robert and his family. They cheered them and praised them for doing what they do, and everyone would probably agree that they made an impact.

7. The support

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Here is what another social media user had to say, and we could not agree more on this matter! Steve Irwin would really be more than proud if he had the chance to see how his family did their best to keep up to his name and cherish his legacy!

8. Robert Irwin is truly in his father’s footsteps

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The way in which Robert behaved and reacted to the whole situation is a definite proof that Steve Irwin’s work will continue through his son! We have no doubt that Robert will surpass his father and contribute to the wildlife preservation even more than his legendary parent was able to!

Written by Sven Miller

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