Russell Brand Refused To Take A Single Dime Of Katy Perry’s $44 Million After The Divorce

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Russell Brand’s and Katy Perry’s eccentric marriage was scrutinized by the media from the moment they said “I do” to each other in 2010. Their divorce was talked about even more and made the papers much more than Brand’s award-winning skills as a comedian. The subject of much of the gossip wasn’t that their fancy Hollywood marriage lasted less than 2 years, but because Brand refused to take a single dime from Katy Perry’s millions.

According to official reports, the 29 year old Dark Horse hit maker earned $44 million just between 2010 and 2011. Because they didn’t have a prenuptial agreement Brand had the chance to walk away with half of the $44 million Katy had made during their marriage. However, he decided to leave her money alone. TMZ reported their divorce as being “amicable”. The British comedian told the media that he will always hold his ex-wife dear and adore her, even though their marriage is over.

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Thanks to his generosity she was able to keep all of her money. After hearing that Russell don’t want a dime of her money she signed the divorce papers with a big SMILE on her face. Nowadays everybody needs to make sure of everything like that, because you never know…

On the other side in an interview Russell stated that he’s planning to take share of their assets, which includes a cut of the $6.5M property from which he moved out right before the divorce.

According to rumors, the comedian, had fallen in love with another actress named Zooey Deschanel. She’s 37 years old and look pretty good for her age. She’s well known for her role as Nessa Watkins in the comedy Mumford.

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