Russian Model Jumps From 6th Floor Of Dubai Hotel ‘To Save Herself From Assault’

Image Source: The Siberian Times

A 22-year-old model from Russia named Ekaterina Stetsyuk broke her back after she jumped from a Dubai hotel’s sixth floor. She allegedly did so in order to escape from a United States businessman who tried to rape her and also kill her.
Stetsyuk, who is from Irkutsk—located in Eastern Siberia—reportedly refused to have intercourse with a man; that man, she told relatives and friends, held a knife to her throat.

The man, who has not been named, is claiming that the model attacked him. She is currently “in custody” in her hospital bed. There are unverified allegations that she was actually working as an escort in Dubai.

Those allegations, however, were denied by Stetsyuk’s mother; according to the mother, Stetsyuk tried to save her own life from the American businessman by leaping from the sixth floor of the unidentified building.

Image Source: The Siberian Times

According to Inge, the mother, the attack took place on the 3rd of March.

The mother said the foreign man attacked her daughter, grabbed her neck, and then put a knife to her throat. According to the mom, Stetsyuk had to jump in order to save her life. As a result, she has serious injuries and can’t walk.

Image Source: The Siberian Times

Stetsyuk apparently called her mother and said that she would end up being taken to jail. As the mom put it: “they want to make her guilty”.

The man in question allegedly runs a business in Dubai. He claims that Stetsyuk attacked him and he had to defend himself.

The mother said that they had not been talking about what happened to Stetsyuk in the hopes that their consulate would be of help. They had been asked not to talk to media. However, the mother says that she no longer knows who to trust.

Image Source: The Siberian Times

There have been claims that Stetsyuk was working as an escort in Dubai when the alleged incident occurred, but her mother has responded to those claims. Inge stated that her daughter is a well-known model in Irkutsk. She left for Dubai on the 15th of February, the mother said, and had a contract.

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The mother added that the claims made against her daughter could cause even more trouble. She says that all of her information comes only from speaking with her daughter, but she added that the laws are different there. Therefore, she is worried about how the situation may develop.

Stetsyuk’s mom plans to fly to Dubai soon in order to be with her daughter.

Image Source: The Siberian Times

There is an appeal for funds; in a statement, all those who know Stetsyuk and all sympathetic people were asked to give her a chance to recover. The young model apparently needs further rehabilitation as well as expensive surgery.

Her friend Irina said that Stetsyuk she jumped in order to save her life and dignity, adding that Stetsyuk survived “by a miracle”. Apparently the young woman’s spine was broken; also, several vertebra ended up crushed.

According to Irina, Stetsyuk can’t move or walk by herself; however, doctors are apparently hopeful because the young woman’s spinal cord is intact.

The alleged attacker—his nationality not confirmed—was actually detained at the airport; he was reportedly trying to flee Dubai. Should he be convicted, he faces up to 15 years in jail.

However, during his interrogation, he made allegations that led to Stetsyuk being detailed while in a hospital bed.

Image Source: The Siberian Times

A Russian channel reported that Stetsyuk was being followed by a rich foreigner. She refused to be with the aforementioned foreigner, so he got angry and attacked her—he did so with the intent of killing her.

Stetsyuk’s mother and friend are trying to raise money via crowdfunding to cover over 10,000 dollars in medical bills in Dubai.

Stetsyuk actually reached out to her mother from her medical bed, saying that she was doing well and telling her mother not to worry. According to her, people from the Russian consulate had visited her, so she could get in touch. She is apparently—according to her—eating well.

The Russian Counsel in Dubai has weighed in on the situation, saying that the situation is being studied and all necessary support is being offered to Stetsyuk. Not a lot more can be said, however, at her request.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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