Russian Real Life ‘Popeye’ Might Face His Hands Amputated After Abusing With Homemade Synthol

According to one particular Russian doctor, the threat of paralysis has been surpassed and the situation in this case is actually worse.

This medic is Professor Evgeny Lilin, and he makes his opinion pretty simple to understand, saying that Tereshin is very likely to lose both arms, and that will not necessarily happen now, but in the near future – for sure. He is certain that in time with the continuous abuse abscesses will occur, and they would likely be followed by inflammation processes, which will dramatically increase the risk of a stroke. What is actually bad about the damage so far is that the Synthol Tereshin has managed to inject himself with so far will remain in his muscle tissue for a long period, probably between five and seven years.

So even if the Russian Popeye stops adding more, which he won’t, he will retain the six liters of the liquid he has already injected in his muscles, thus increasing the biceps size to 23 inches in diameter. As mentioned above, the healthy was of achieving such results would take far more time, but, then again, the outcome would be totally different picture. Not everything has to have an impressive result as number to be really admirable, and this case is exactly that.

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However, at first it looks like Tereshin has some leftover common sense, if you can call it that, because reportedly plans to stop doing this to his biceps when the size reaches 27 inches. The bad news for his body, you ask? He clearly does not have common sense at all, because he plans to switch to other body parts, like his chest, back and shoulders. He says that he would appreciate it very much if he reaches the 1 million subscribers mark on Instagram and stop working after that. He also claimed that he has received a serious offer to enter the world of porn films, and he is considering it very seriously as an option. You probably imagine him in such a role, don’t you?

Another doctor tried to explain what has actually happened after all those injections. According to him, Tereshin’s arms have irreversibly and pathologically changed their tissue composition and now it looks like a strange jelly-like substance full of insertions. To be more specific, he says that they have abscessed badly and practically consist of blood from the damaged veins or oil from the injections, thus those harmed areas cannot be neither removed, nor reversed to their previous state.

When asked, Tereshin explains how it started. He spent a whole month injecting himself approximately ten times every day, and each injection contained about 20ml. of the mix. He is actually glad that he managed to create the mixture himself, because, according to him, instead of spending nearly 6.800 dollars on Synthol, his homemade substitute only cost him about 68 dollars. This may be the only good thing about the whole story and especially the outcome of it.
Tereshin has also said that in the process of injecting himself he did not feel any different, no discomfort or feeling ill at ll, as if his body got used to the rapid changes. And again, he is very happy to point out that within that same month the number of his Instagram followers quickly escalated and they were over a hundred thousand, but as mentioned above, he would like that number to rise much, much more.

If they found themselves in such situation, most people would be terrified or worried at least, but not Tereshin, because, as he admits himself, he likes to be recognized easily and admired, and clearly the reasons for all that attention are secondary for the self-made bodybuilder. All we can do is hope for the best possible end of this curious case.

Images Source: East3West / Vkontakte

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