Schoolgirl, 15, Left Heartbreaking Suicide Note After Bullies Raped Her

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About a year ago, a young girl tragically took her own life. This happened as a result of being not only bullied, but also gang raped.

Before she killed herself, the girl wrote a very sad letter intended to warn others about bullying and the dangers it poses.

The girl’s name was Cassidy Trevan, and she was allegedly being bullied by a bunch of girls from her high school, located in Melbourne, Australia.

The bullying involved being tormented on social media, the vandalizing of her home, and even being slapped on the face.

Cassidy had to miss an entire term at school due to the bullying, and she participated in a recovery program. The girls who were bullies towards her “apologized”, and then invited her to a festival.
It was not an apology.

According to Cassidy’s mother, those girls actually arranged for Cassidy to be gang raped by “older boys” with whom Cassidy was unfamiliar. The girls, it is claimed, just sat around and waited.

The rape was reported, but Cassidy could not manage to make a formal statement—she was worried about retaliation from the bullies.

Five teenagers were allegedly involved in the rape. Two boys purportedly raped her, and a third boy stood watch. Two girls were supposedly waiting around.

Cassidy was just 13 years of age at the time of the alleged rape.

Cassidy and her mother—Linda—met with law enforcement 20 times over the period of about a couple years; however, police were forced to drop the case because there was a lack of evidence.

Cassidy tried to attend new schools, but she was traumatized by what happened to her. She was suffering from PTSD, flashbacks, and panic attacks.

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Linda said that she had to watch her precious daughter wither away, both mentally and physically. She rarely got out of bed, and could no longer take the mental pain caused by the bullies.

Linda wants the bullies to know that being a bully is not a game. As she said: it costs lives.

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The grieving mother found a letter on Cassidy’s computer, and that letter warned about the dangers surrounding school bullying.

In the letter, Cassidy said that she was raped by students at her high school—students who still attend that high school. She expressed her concern that it would seem like she was seeking attention, but firmly stated that she was not doing so.

Cassidy’s goal, she said, was to warn others—students and parents—because what happened to her could also happen to others, or at least an attempt could be made.

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In her letter, Cassidy said that parents have the power to stop such things from happening. She also made it clear that she did not write what she did to seek revenge on those who raped her or those who set up the rape.

She was also bullied and teased about the rape—revenge, however, was not her goal.

She was worried about the roughly 1,500 students enrolled at her high school, and she felt they needed to be warned. She claimed the staff of the school did nothing to help her.

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Cassidy said she was also writing the letter for herself; according to her letter, after a year and a half, she finally wanted to be left alone. After that much time, she was still being contacted by students she had never met via social media, and she was being called a slut. She wrote that she changed schools and even moved, but she was still being contacted and bullied.

She gave her name and wrote: “I was raped”.

She encouraged others in a similar situation or who might end up in one to “fight”, and she expressed her regret for not doing so.

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Linda, the girl’s mother, says that she is still trying to find a reason to go on without her daughter; however, telling her daughter’s story has given her a purpose.

Cassidy killed herself about two years after the alleged gang rape.

A former police officer and the area’s crime commissioner has stated that there is little chance of anyone being convicted of the crime due to the fact the victim is deceased and years have passed since the alleged rape.

It should be clear from this story that bullying is a serious matter, and it needs to be properly addressed. In the United States, roughly one out of five students report being bullied. Reasons for being bullied include race, physical appearance, disabilities, and sexual orientation.

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