Scientists Found An Ancient Shark And They Believe It Can Be 512 Years Old

The latest discovery of a group of scientists is a huge Greenland shark. The team discovered the shark in the icy waters of North Atlantic ocean.

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They managed to guess how old is the shark by measuring its length. Knowing that this particular species grows approximately 0.4” a year they estimated the shark to be somewhere between 275 to 512 years old (that means that the shark is older than Shakespeare), because it was 18ft in length. The shark’s approximate birth is around 1505. Scientists estimated its weight to be more than a ton.

It is a well known fact that these sharks live in the North Atlantic ocean in -1C to 10C icy waters and can swim as deep as 7,200ft. They usually swim at a leisurely 0.76 mph, but the fastest speed ever reported is 1.6 mph. They can be spotted extremely rare and the first video (it took eighteen years) of Greenland shark swimming in natural waters was captured in 1995.

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Image Source: Instagram

Their lifespan is estimated to be 400 years. They are maybe the largest species of shark. They eat mostly fish and have never been observed hunting. The Greenland shark has from 48 to 52 teeth on the upper and form 50 to 52 teeth on the lower jaw. Although the shark can easily consume a swimmer there are no confirmed cases up to date. The Greenland shark is attracted by the smell of meat in the water.

They spend most of their life swimming around and looking for a mate.

These particular species can help scientists understand better what is determining life expectancy in different animal species, including humans.

Despite a lot of shark species being victim of commercial fishing, the flesh of the Greenland shark is highly toxic. If eaten raw or not well treated it gives the feeling of extreme drunkenness. Scientists have experimented with dogs and the one who ate flesh from the Greenland shark couldn’t stand up or move due to this effect.


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