Selfie From Top Of Mount Everest Finally Destroyed The ‘Flat Earth Theory’

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A lot of people still believe that the Earth could be flat, but an image from the top of Mount Everest seems to have once more confirmed that our planet is more or less a sphere.

A Reddit user called user_amazed recently posted an image of a selfie atop Mount Everest. That image clearly shows our planet’s curved edge. It is not known if the selfie is of user_amazed or merely someone that user knows.

The post was captioned with the simple phrase “checkmate flat Earth society”.

Mount Everest is the highest mountain above sea level. It can be found on the border of China and Nepal.

Image Source: Reddit

Everest is over 8,800 meters high—or roughly 29,000 feet.

Several users of Reddit spoke out in order to support the evidence that the Earth is not actually flat. One user advised others to ignore the curvature arguments made. That user pointed out that, if the Earth were flat, one would be able to see the whole thing from the top of a commercial flat—or from the top of the planet’s tallest mountain.

However, one Reddit user wondered if the photographer was using a fisheye lens, which would distort the image.

Connor Murphy, the well-known flat-Earther who is the child of the prominent flat-Earther Dave Murphy, did not comment. However, Connor recently explained why he thinks we do not fall off the edge of the planet. He claims to believe that people see the Earth’s curvature from a plane because the windows just happen to be round.

Connor Murphy has said that NASA and the world’s governments are lying about space travel and explains why they would do so. The first reason, which he claims is obvious, has to do with money. He says that the amount of money raised by NASA over the years is approximately 15 trillion dollars, adding that NASA has really done very little with all of that money in terms of their work.

Connor has said that NASA is releasing articles and composite images that tell people what is happening and what the organization is doing; he has also mentioned the 700 million dollars spent to get a photo of Pluto.

The second reason, Connor said, is to make people feel insignificant. According to his claims, NASA wants people to feel like they are insignificant specks of dust, and as a result people are easy to control.

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He believes, or at least claims to believe, that Antarctica is not its own continent. Instead, he states, it is more like an ice shelf or cliff.

Image Source: Pixabay

Speaking about why we do not fall off of the edge of the Earth, Connor said that one can’t actually fall off the edge, describing the Earth as an “enclosed system”. There’s water above and a dome.

Again, Connor thinks that you can’t see true curvature from an airplane. That is because of the way planes are designed. All of the windows on an airplane have to be curved as a result of the fact that airplane cabins are curved.

He has said that there can’t be straight airplanes; they would explode and everyone on the plane would die. He advises people to look at the wing of their airplane next time they fly. The wing, he says, will appear to curve.

Image Source: Pexels

Connor seems to earnestly think that the only reason people find flat Earth theories a joke is because they have been taught to do so since they were very young.

He did not always believe that the Earth was flat; as he got older, he researched the matter and decided that there were many inconsistencies with the “model” taught in schools, so he decided he could not ignore the inconsistencies any longer.

At one point, he said, a person needs to decide where he or she lands on the matter; he decided to side with the flat Earth theory.

If you’re wondering why airplane wings are shaped the way that they are, do a quick internet search regarding Bernoulli’s principle. It explains a lot regarding how the airplanes many of us regularly take manage to get into the air.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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