Strange Similarities Between The Star Wars And The Lion King Movies

‘Star Wars’ is an epic space film series by American director George Lucas.The first movie of the 70’s trilogy was released in 1977 and the other two followed in 1980 and 1983. In 1999 was released the first movie of the new prequel trilogy called ‘Episode I: the Phantom Menace’. The next two parts were released in  2002 and 2005 and are called, respectively, ‘Episode II : Attack of the Clones’ and ‘ Episode III: the Revenge of the Sith’.

‘The Lion King’ is a Disney drama animation released in 1994. The plot tells the story of Simba’s adventures, a young lion, who is meant to become the king of his African pride. Simba’s father, king Mufasa is called by his treacherous brother Scar who wants to take his place. Going through many ups and downs Simba finally manages to take the place he deserves.

What you may find rather strange is the fact that the two movies are quite similar even though they are in very different genres. The fight between the good and the bad, represented by Mufasa and Scar in ‘The Lion King’ and Luke Skywalker and Dart Vader in ‘Star Wars’ is a fight older that time itself. Of course, the good prevails over the evil in both movies as it should in any movie worth watching.512c5cad6c37edb98ae91c8a76c3a291 (1)



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