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Students Partied So Hard And Drank So Much Alcohol That The Air Was Registered On A Breathalyzer

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Some people say that the years spent in college are the best because you get to experience the greatest parties of your lifetime. The majority of those who went to college can probably recall memories from certain parties that were truly epic and stand out from the rest. Sometimes it’s just good fun, but in other cases things get out of control. What we are about to tell is likely to surpass even the craziest student party you have been to by far.

Imagine a house full of students and alcohol, but not just an ordinary quantity of alcohol – we’re talking about massive piles of bottles and cans. The students and their guests drank so much that the air inside the main room they occupied during the gathering could be registered on a breathalyzer. In other words, the house was soaked in booze and they literally got it drunk.

You might think that the typical frat party is always like the ones featured in movies, with hundreds and hundreds of people drinking and dancing. This is not the case most of the time, but this party was clearly as wild as it gets.
When the drunken state of the party house was revealed, the people at the party were highly amused by this fact. We guess that some of them might have actually felt proud. it’s doubtful any of them had heard such a thing before. Considering how fast news travels there may be similar stories to follow. Kids will be kids and will always want to party harder and harder, without any safety precautions in most cases.

Nobody could estimate the exact amount of alcohol that was consumed that night, though it must have been an impressive quantity. This one of a kind gathering was hosted by the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, part of a private U.S. university. The location of the house was in one of Bethesda, Maryland’s upscale neighborhoods. The party, known as “Tequila Tuesday,” apparently got wild enough that nearby residents were really pissed and and called the police to notify them about what was going on.

Things got pretty rough for the hosts of the party – six 20-year old boys;  Jeffrey Becker, Anthony Santana, Ashton Acosta, Kevin Alkinburg, Matthew Berger and Tristan Ralph. They probably did not see it coming, but after police arrived on the scene and took control of things, all six of the students were charged with a total of 126 counts each for allowing possession of alcohol by people under the required age, as well as for allowing minors to drink alcohol. The fines on all counts are more than three hundred thousand dollars, a truly staggering amount of money. Three of the residents of the house are reportedly on the executive board of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. All the guests at the event were aged between 17 and 20.

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While the students were consuming these excessive amounts of booze, some of it actually permeated the air inside the room and showed a 0.01 reading when measured with the breathalyzer by one of the officers. This was still below the official “drink and drive” concentration in America, which is 0.08, but it proves it was one hell of a party, considering we’re talking about alcohol concentration in the house’s air.

The party, which was last month, ended rather quickly after three officers from Montgomery County police arrived at the house to check out what was going on and if the neighbor’s complaints held any merit. The officers later reported that upon arriving on the scene, they stumbled on trash bags and insulation, which were attached to the windows, and a large number of bottles and beer cans scattered everywhere. The floor of the house was extremely sticky and the reason was clear – it was soaked with alcohol.

Image Source: ABC/WJLA

The initial breathalyzer setup was intended to be used for testing all attendees that were under-age. Police reports say that many of those who were tested on site swore that they would never go to a frat party again, so it must have been really intense event. One of the kids at the party reportedly tried to escape from police by attempting to jump from an open window on the second floor, while eight other students locked themselves in a bathroom for the same reason.

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity reportedly had three previous violations registered this year, but it is still known to be a proactive and fully functioning organization. Chances are, that after this, it may be a while before another party is thrown by this fraternity.

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