T-Mobile Employee Found A Woman’s Adult Video On Her Cell Phone And Emailed It To Himself

Image Source: Instagram/Keely Hightower

A woman has made the decision to sue T-Mobile as a result of an employee finding a sex video on her cellular phone and then emailing that video to himself.

The woman, Keely Hightower, is 24 years old; she took her device to a local store; the store is located in Florida—the city of Tampa, to be specific.

She would later learn that a worker, Roberto Sanchez Ramos, actually emailed himself that sex video.

As a result, Keely has made the choice to sue both the Global Innovative Group—as well as Ramos—for negligence. For obvious reasons, the entire incident caused her mental anguish and emotional distress.

Image Source: Instagram/Keely Hightower

Ramos, the employee who emailed himself the video, is 26 years old.

According to Christopher Klemawesch—the woman’s lawyer—the whole matter is a question of how to address the “gross invasion” of his client’s privacy, not to mention the turmoil she has had to endure since it all happened. That, he says, is what is being dealt with.

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According to Keely, she took her phone in for routine maintenance, and she eventually realized that Roberto had spent far too long with the device.

The next day, she checked her email; Keely noticed an email with the sex video attached. It was sent to an email address; that address was clearly Roberto’s.

Keely told local media that her heart “dropped”. Her initial thought was about where the video might have ended up. She immediately went into a panic.

She says that she did not want the video to end up “out there” in public.

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Image Source: Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

After police were called, Ramos was quickly arrested. He was charged with a computer-related offense.

Ramos actually pleaded guilty. He was sentenced to six months in prison. However, he was released in October of last year.

For Keely, the worst part about it all is that it took her a day to realize what had occurred. She does not like to think about what Ramos might have done with the video.

Image Source: Instagram/Keely Hightower

She wondered where the video might have ended up and what happened afterwards. That, she said, was her primary concern.

It should be noted that T-Moblie hired Ramos despite the fact he was convicted of scheming to defraud another T-Mobile store. That happened in 2016. The man was actually still on probation as a result.

Ramos tried to inflate his sales as well as increase his commission by purchasing accessories using money from fake returns on products paid for by customers with cash.

Both Keely and her lawyer state that Ramos should not have been working for the T-Mobile store in the first place, and they have been trying to shut down any and all signs of blaming the victim—Keely.

The two do not understand how he managed to gain employment at another T-Mobile store considering his record.

As has been stated: it is not a question of why Keely had the tape on her phone. The bigger question is why the store was employing Ramos—especially considering his record—and giving him access to her private material.

Ramos was also arrested back in 2013. Police say that he allegedly stole a couple of iPads from a Walmart. He had been working as a maintenance man for the retailer at the time of the thefts. The case ended up being dismissed due to a pre-trial diversion.

Keely’s lawyer has said that the whole matter is not just the actions of one person. It is also about the actions—or the failures—of an entire company.

Ramos has not commented on the case.

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